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Structural Issues
Seeking Remedies for Structural Defects
When a home's foundation or other structural components are built without proper attention to preventing defects, latent problems can take years to show noticeable symptoms.

If you believe your house may be suffering from structural construction defects, I can help. At the Law Offices of R.T. Haney & Associates, I help homeowners in the Sacramento area determine the causes of their structural problems and pursue the remedies available to them by law. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled construction defects lawyer.

Taking Immediate Action to Protect Your Home
There are many problems that can appear in a home that may be symptoms of structural defects. Among the most common are:
  • Cracked ceilings, walls and floors
  • Windows and doors that will not close
  • Doors that pop open on their own
  • Broken or cracked windows
  • Cracked tiles and flooring materials
  • Cracked countertops

Diagnosing Slab and Foundation Issues
Defects in the slab or foundation of a home are among the most serious, in that it may not be possible to fully correct the defects without rebuilding the home. Although slab issues are structural in nature, the most frequent early symptom is water intrusion. Specific moisture issues such as rusty carpet tacking and failed hardwood flooring may be signs of a slab problem. If you are concerned that you may have slab issues, I can help you establish what the problem is .

Each of these things could be a sign of much more serious problems with the structure of your home that will lead to further problems in the future. Protect your investment today by contacting me to speak with an experienced construction litigation attorney about your options for obtaining repairs or compensation from your builder.