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Soil Issues
Protecting Your Home From Soil Issues
When a home is built on a hill or even a mild slope, careful engineering and planning are required in order to ensure that soil problems do not develop that will endanger the home. If your home is suffering from soil subsidence or other soil issues, you may have recourse under California law.

At the Law Offices of R.T. Haney & Associates, I help homeowners in the Sacramento area pinpoint the causes of soil issues on their property and pursue repairs or compensation. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable construction litigation attorney about your soil concerns.

Addressing Soil Subsidence Consequences
The single biggest soil issue that can affect a home is subsidence. If soil subsidence occurs on your property, it can result in such consequences as:
  • Failure of retaining walls
  • Unintended ponding of water
  • Drainage toward your home
  • Movement of the house
  • Slab failure

Identifying Whether Soil Is the Cause
Drainage problems caused by soil subsidence can have the effect of causing slab failure, which can in turn lead to water intrusion into your home. These effects can also be the result of other causes.

Sorting out the possible causes of the problems you notice in your home can be difficult. As both a lawyer and a licensed general contractor, I have the experience to conduct a thorough investigation with the help of expert consultants.

If you believe your property has soil instability or other soil issues that could impact the value of your home or your enjoyment of the premises, contact me to learn more about how you can identify the problem and pursue the remedies available to you under California's construction defects law.