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Getting results in Construction Defect Litigation
Your home is an investment, and if you suspect construction defects, you can protect your investment by contacting a qualified constrution defect attorney who will help you explore your options for repair or compensation.

At the Law Offices of R.T. Haney & Associates construction defect litigation is a major part of my Sacramento area practice. I have the legal and practical knowledge to efficiently — and cost-effectively — pursue the results you deserve. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation about your potential construction defect claim.

Enforcing Your Right to Repairs
In California homeowners may have legal recourse in litigation against builders when latent or obvious construction defects cause damage to the home, including issues such as:

Under California's recently enacted "right to repair" statute, you have a right to either have the builder repair any construction defects in your home or get financial compensation so you can have the repairs made by someone else. You may also deserve compensation for the costs that construction disputes can have on you as a homeowner.

Identifying Skilled Experts
If your builder disputes the existence or the causes of the construction defect, you may need the help of qualified experts such as architects, structural engineers, soil engineers, civil engineers, slab experts, roofing experts, flooring experts and general contractors.

Exploring Alternatives for Older Claims
If your home is more than 10 years old and you discover what you believe to be a construction defect, litigation against the builder under California construction defect law may be barred by the statute of limitations.

However, if you purchased the property from the builder or from another seller who knew or should have known of the construction defect, you may still be able to bring a construction defect claim under real estate law. I am experienced with these cases and can bring one on your behalf if you have a valid construction defect claim.

As both a construction defect lawyer and a licensed general contractor, I am well-placed to identify the possible causes of a construction defect and the knowledgeable experts and consultants who can evaluate the construction defects in your home with precision. If you believe there is a construction defect in your home, don't hesitate to Contact me.