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Complex Litigation
Your Advocate in Complex Litigation
Construction defect, real estate and insurance matters often involve sophisticated interactions between evidence, contractual relationships and legal standards. These disputes often lead to complex litigation, requiring the skill of a seasoned litigator.

If you are a plaintiff or defendant in a complex litigation matter, contact me to get an experienced trial attorney on your side. Based in Roseville, California, I represent clients throughout the Sacramento area and offer free initial consultations.

Analytic and Organized Attorney
Some lawyers have construction defect experience that is limited to relatively small cases. In my two decades of experience with construction defect, real estate and insurance litigation, I have tried complex cases involving:
  • Dozens of parties
  • Millions of pages of documents
  • Many witnesses
  • Multiple expert witnesses
  • Lengthy trials

These cases can involve complex discovery, complex expert investigations, complex damages calculations and complex evidentiary evaluations. If you are involved in complex litigation you need an attorney with experience who can represent you effectively in circumstances that require analytic rigor and a high level of organization.

Efficient at Document Review
One defining characteristic of complex litigation is the existence of large amounts of evidence that must be reviewed and sorted for their potential evidentiary value. Having done complex litigation for two decades, I pride myself on the ability to manage complex document review projects in a cost-efficient manner.

I employ skilled document review attorneys and paralegals who are specially trained in assisting with preparation for and presentation of evidence at trial.

When the necessity of complex litigation has you concerned about your bottom line, contact me to get the skilled, targeted representation you need.